Troubleshooting: 5 Common Winnebago Trend Problems

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Winnebago is one of the most renowned RV makers worldwide, and their overall RV lineup makes them one of the best-selling coach makers in the world. The chassis is a Chrysler Ram ProMaster unit based on a Fiat design, adopted when the two companies merged.

There are few complaints about the chassis and the power plant, giving both a smooth ride with enough horsepower to get the job done.

Recalls will cover both the chassis and the coach since some of them are about safety issues that may affect both the coach and the drivers of other vehicles on the road. However, for the sake of this post, since the coach and chassis are two completely different entities, we will concentrate on the actual Winnebago built coach, its noted issues and concerns.


From 2013 to 2019, there have been several recalls repairing both major and minor problems. If you have never received a recall notice, or have purchased a used Trend, it would be in your best interests to call your nearest Winnebago dealer to find out if your Trend has been taken care of.

2014 was the largest year for recalls, so be aware if you own a 2014 Trend. All recall work will be completed at no charge to you.

From 2013 to 2016 – Faulty Propane Hose

The propane feeder hose on these models may harden at the coupling and begin to leak. Not only would you be losing valuable propane in this instance, but it would also be a fire hazard.

From 2013 to 2018 – Fire Extinguisher Discharge Problem

The supplied Kidde brand fire extinguisher may clog during use. Also, if the activation button is pushed too hard, particularly under emergency situations, the extinguisher nozzle may fly off and potentially injure someone in the near vicinity.

2014 to 2015 – Circuit Corrosion

The in-floor battery cover and door footwell may leak, causing the main wiring to corrode. This could cause intermittent or total loss of electrical power to the entire unit.

2014 – Brake Hose Damage and Leakage

During manufacture, a robotic tool may have struck and damaged a brake hose on 2014 Trend models. This could cause loss of brake fluid that would compromise braking ability. Brake fluid leakage is a dangerous situation that must be addressed by contacting Winnebago.

2014 – Accelerator Pedal

In some Trends of this year, the accelerator pedal may get stuck at the “full throttle” position. This is another dangerous issue that must be addressed post-haste.

2014 – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The tire pressure monitoring system sensors do not always measure the correct tire pressure. If a tire began to lose pressure, the sensor for that tire may not notify the driver, and the loss of air pressure might cause a flat with the resulting loss of control, or worse, an accident. Working sensors are mandated by a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, and must be addressed.

2014 and 2015 – Deadbolt Locks

The installed deadbolt locks on the coach were not manufactured properly. They may stick and not open.

2015 and 2016 – Air Bags

The airbag activation switch may only work intermittently resulting in a situation where the airbags might not deploy during a crash.

2016 to 2019 – Solar Charging Port

If you have the optional solar charging port installed, there is no fuse to control an overload. Although rare, it may lead to overheated wires, burned wire insulation, and potentially a fire.

5 Common Winnebago Trend Problems

Alongside the recall issues, there are also some common problems that owners face with their Trends.


You might think that every RV would have a lot of built-in storage, but this is one of the biggest bug-a-boos with the Trend. Yes, there certainly is storage space, but it almost appears that the built-in storage space is only adequate for overnighters or weekend getaways.

If you intend to be on the road for weeks at a time, you’ll have to plan ahead on where to store everything that you might need on your trip. Many people have resorted to pulling a small trailer for that extra storage space.

LED Lights

In most cases, LED lights are reliable and long-lasting, but in a Trend, the lighting system has been known to be unreliable. Worse, if the lighting system fails, you can’t just replace a bulb or a module, the entire light fixture must be replaced. Even though this is not a dangerous issue, it can be incredibly annoying in the dark of night, when you switch on the lights, nothing happens.

Instant On Water Heater

It works, and it works well, keeping a steady stream of hot water flowing when it is being used. However, many have said that it takes a long time for the water to become hot, some say to the tune of 2 to 4 minutes until you are ready to shower or wash dishes in the sink.

The fix is easy, simply let the water run until it gets hot, but when camping, a lot of people say they can get to the shower house faster and begin showering, instead of waiting around for the hot water to appear.

The Batteries

Even though this is more chassis related than coach related, the batteries are located beneath the coach. To check or change them, you have to physically crawl beneath the vehicle and wrestle with 50 pound blocks of lead. This is a design problem and there is no real fix for this.

Loft Ceiling Height

Although shorter people won’t have much of a problem, which includes kids and teens, many adults bang their heads on the ceiling when sleeping in the loft. This has been noted as a particularly troublesome occurrence especially when awoken with a start. When that happens, the tendency is to instantly sit up and … BANG!

Final Thoughts

One of the main comments about Winnebagos is that the company is very good at listening to their customers, and fixing described faulty issues or problems for the next model year. Many people also applaud Winnebago for going out of their way to cover repairs when a coach breaks down on the road.

It is one of the reasons why this company is so loved by the RV community, and also one of the reasons why they have some of the best feedback in the business. Used vehicles have some of the more expensive prices due to overall build quality, and many people buy used “Winnies” because of their long-lasting roadworthy reputation.

Winnebago coaches have some of the highest overall ratings across the board, and sure they have their problems, just like every other coach maker, but their quality control is top-notch, which is why they are a favourite ride of the RVing public. Undoubtedly, the best known and most recognizable coach maker there is.

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