Spartan Chassis vs Freightliner: Key Differences

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Having a reliable chassis is extremely important to RV owners. It helps to ensure that they will have fewer problems and a smooth, stable ride.

The chassis of any vehicle is its main foundation, including the engine, tires, brake system, and load capacity. That is why you should look at the specifications of your chassis before selecting which is right for you.

If you have searched online or visited a local dealer, you know that the two main companies that manufacture chassis are Spartan and Freightliner. It can be confusing to determine which brand is the best. That is why we have put together this helpful guide to assist you with choosing the best chassis for your RV.

Spartan vs. Freightliner – What are the Key Differences?

Both Spartan and Freightliner make some of the best chassis currently on the market for RVs.

They are highly durable, and users have practically no issues with them. However, there is a huge debate between owners about which company is the best option. It all comes down to your personal preference since both brands are considered two of the best.

However, as with any company, both Spartan and Freightliner have their pros and cons that you should consider.

About the Spartan Chassis

The best thing about the Spartan Chassis is how solid and durable their frames are. These thick frames are capable of holding up more of a load than any chassis on the market. Users are also provided access to a hydraulic radiator fan.

The fan helps ensure that your RV will not begin kicking up dust while driving through a campground on a dirt road.

Spartan users are provided with a lifetime warranty on the frame of their chassis. That means the company guarantees the users will experience no issues with the frame for as long as they use it.

If you follow the guidelines provided to you by Spartan, and you start to notice an issue with the frame, you can take the chassis to the company, and they will either give you a replacement or have the frame fixed for you.

You should note that customer service and support from Spartan are some of the best in the industry. Owners have the option to contact Spartan online any time they have an issue.

Or they can call their customer support line for assistance. If you are not sure where a Spartan dealer is located in your area, you can find out by entering your location on their official website. Doing so will help you locate all the Spartan dealers that are nearby who have parts and equipment to help with your repairs.

About the Freightliner Chassis

The frame thickness of the Spartan chassis is a major plus, but you shouldn’t dismiss the Freightliner chassis just yet. The frame on this chassis is also high-quality, even though it is not as thick as the Spartan.

You can still enjoy a smooth and stable ride without any issues while using this chassis.

While using the Freightliner Chassis, you should remember to follow the guidelines for maximum weight when storing your supplies and luggage in your RV. If you feel that the storage capacity is too low for your needs, you can attach a trailer to your RV to resolve this issue.

One of the main differences between Spartan and Freightliner is that Spartan no longer publishes their specifications. Their lineup has been the same for many years.

However, they do continue to make slight improvements and adjustments each new model year. However, without the specification list, customers cannot notice what has been changed and what hasn’t with the newer models. On the other hand, Freightliner still provides its users with a complete list of specifications for their chassis models.

You can see all the specifications and get other valuable information by visiting the Freightliner website or their shop. All the details about their products are provided, along with any changes that have been made for the current model year.

This difference can make it easier for customers to decide which feature they want and choose the chassis model they desire the most. The list of Freightliner chassis ranges from diesel engines to luxury options, allowing customers with every type of budget to choose the ideal chassis for their RV.

One thing that is the same with both Spartan and Freightliner is the transmissions that are used. The transmissions are the same across both brands, which are either Allison 3000 or 4000.

Which Chassis Brand Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing between a Spartan and Freightliner chassis, there is a lot to consider. Both are reliable brands that are respected and highly recommended by experienced RV owners. You can be assured that you have purchased a quality chassis regardless of what brand you choose.

The main differences between the two brands are that Spartan has a thicker frame, and Freightliner still provides you all the specifications, while Spartan does not. If you feel more secure with a thicker chassis, Spartan is the way to go. But if you have concerns about the most current specifications for chassis models, you may prefer Freightliner instead. In the end, it is up to the user to choose which chassis they want to purchase, and both brands are considered good options.

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