Recalls and 5 Common Tiffin Allegro Red Problems

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The Tiffin Allegro Red is considered a feature-laden and value-packed Class A motor home, with a solid industry reputation. It comes with a diesel engine in a pusher configuration, built on a Freightliner chassis, there are 3 slides for maximum space, and it is virtually a house on wheels.

It may surprise you to find out that it has very few recalls for such a complicated and luxurious design. Of course, there are some troubleshooting issues, and we’ll get into those later, but overall, this is one superbly built coach that will take you down the road with ease and comfort that is second to none.

One thing of note is to remember that even the best built, and most highly acclaimed, RV’s will generally have some type of recall. This is not a reflection on overall build quality. RV’s are complex machines to manufacture, and with so many pieces and parts that need to be precisely aligned, built to spec, or otherwise made to work, it is a wonder that there aren’t more recalls.

So when you see a recall for any motor vehicle, RV’s included, it is just a natural part of the manufacturing process to assure your safety over the long haul. No matter what the recall is, there will be no cost to you for the repair or replacement. Plus, Tiffin has an excellent reputation of learning about problems and fixing them by the next model year.


Let’s take a look at some of the recalls that have happened over the last 10 years or so.

2009 to 2018 – Fire Extinguisher

Many RV’s, in this time frame, were outfitted with a fire extinguisher from Kidde that has become the cause of some major recalls. On each and every one of them, the activation button, to release the chemicals in the extinguisher during a fire, does not work properly.

In an emergency situation, this could be a very bad thing. Worse than that, in an attempt to get the fire extinguisher to work under duress, the button can be pushed so hard that the nozzle of the unit may fly off with such force, that a person nearby could be injured.

In a worst-case scenario, not only would you be helpless to put out a fire with a faulty extinguisher, but by using it, you could potentially hurt a family member, a friend or someone you love. At the very least, if you don’t want to deal with the recall, replace the fire extinguisher with your own aftermarket version for some peace of mind.

2018 to 2019 – Door Opening Problem

The entry door may have been improperly assembled from the factory, which may cause it to open while driving down the road. This is potentially a hazardous situation, and a call to your local Tiffin service department should be in order, ASAP.

2018 to 2020 – Inner Tire Valve Stem

The inner tire valve stem has been shown to come into contact with the outer wheel. By doing so, the valve stem may become damaged and begin to leak. If the inner tire goes flat, it would place an inordinately heavy load on the outer tire, which might cause it to fail when driving.

5 Common Tiffin Allegro Red Problems

Below we’ve highlighted the 5 key problems that are faced by Tiffin owners.

Furniture Coverings

One of the issues noted is that some furniture and/or seat coverings wear prematurely. Tiffin contracts material makers for these coverings, but it appears that, at times, substandard material is being used.

If you discover increased wear before the 1-year warranty is up, chances are the problem material will be replaced. However, be aware that misuse of the furniture that causes wear and tear will not be covered under warranty.

As a troubleshooting measure, take pictures of the material when you get the RV, and compare that with later pictures to determine premature wear. Being able to show the wear over a limited time will aid in less hassle if you feel the material needs replacement.

Long Waits for Service

Tiffin is not the world’s largest coach maker, far from it, so there are going to be times during prime traveling months, and during the fall with the migration of snowbirds to warmer climes, that their service departments will be overworked.

Needing service during these periods may result in waiting for weeks before your problem can be addressed. If a problem crops up, and if possible, wait until the offseason to get repairs done. There will be less time wasted, and fewer headaches for you and the service department.

The 2014 Model Year

Many blame the rebounding economy for this, but for some reason, the 2014 model year for Tiffin was one of the worst for quality control. Although there are always quality control grievances for every year and every brand of RV, the 2014 Tiffin RV’s have received an inordinate amount of complaints.

Unless you have solid documentation regarding repairs or replacements done on a Tiffin Allegro Red from the year 2014, it may be wise to look for an alternative year to purchase. However, as a testament to the company’s commitment to their customers, virtually every issue that plagued the 2014 model year, was addressed and fixed for 2015.

Leaking Slides

Although not common, this problem has been reported multiple times. Generally, fit and finish of the weather sealing is to blame, and in virtually all cases, even after warranty, the problem was resolved by Tiffin.

Construction Screws on Floor

This is a common issue throughout the industry, and it also happens with Tiffin as well. Sometimes small screws or tacks are not picked up during the final cleaning before the sale. If the vehicle is under warranty, the problem will be taken care of. However, you can save time, money and hassle if you thoroughly vacuum the entire coach yourself before you use it.

Final Thoughts

Owner Bob Tiffin is regarded as one of the most conscientious and easily approachable owners in the RV business. For many issues regarding build quality questions, or quality control problems, he will, personally, take the call and determine how to rectify the problem.

This is not an anomaly, it has happened time and time again. That, plus the fact that Tiffin coaches are some of the most well-built RV’s out there, has customers rave about build quality, sales and service. Few other coachbuilders can equal that reputation.

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