5 Common Thor Gemini Problems and Recalls

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Thor Motor Coach or TMC for short features one of the more popular motor homes out there called the Gemini. It is built on a Ford Transit chassis with Ford running gear, engine and transmission.

It comes in both a two-wheel-drive model and an all-wheel-drive model. Overall, the Ford platform has been a solid and reliable choice for the Gemini, but for the sake of simplicity, we will concentrate on some issues and concerns with the actual Thor-built Gemini coach structure.

Keep in mind that with virtually every RV made, there are always going to be some niggling build quality headaches, regardless of who the manufacturer is.

Many of these problems are rectified over time as they become known through customer feedback, and the longer a particular model is in production, the fewer amount of issues will be encountered. However, since much of the coachwork done is handmade, an RV coach is never going to be perfect.


There are 3 notable factory recalls on Gemini RV’s. Most of them are on older models, so if you purchased one that was used, you may have not gotten a recall notice. If you haven’t gotten a notice, or there is no substantiating evidence to support any recall work, check the year and serial number of your Gemini, and give TMC a call. All recall work will be done free of charge. In this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2016 to 2018 Electrical System Wiring

If your Gemini is equipped with the towing package electrical module, the wiring may become corroded. This module is, essentially, the wiring harness junction that controls brake lights and the turn signals of any recreational trailer you may be towing. Apparently, some modules were not sealed correctly, and water may enter the module proper corroding or shorting out the wire terminals.

This may cause flashing brake lights and/or turn signals, the instrument panel may go out, and it also may deploy the seatbelt pre-tensioner. (The pre-tensioner tightens and locks in place during a crash. In a normal situation, the pre-tensioner will release after it deploys. In this recall instance, it will lock and stay locked until the belt release button is pushed, or in a worst-case scenario, the belt is cut loose.)

2016 to 2018 Fire Extinguisher Discharge

From 2016 to 2018, the Kidde Fire Extinguisher that was installed may have problems discharging when needed. The nozzle may become plugged and render the fire extinguisher useless.

Additionally, in an attempt to make the fire extinguisher discharge, if excessive force is used on the discharge button under duress, the nozzle may fly off with enough force to injure someone in the near vicinity.

2020 Gemini Window Glass Adhesive Bond

One of the strangest recalls you may ever see is that on 2020 Gemini RV’s. The window glass might, literally, fall out of the frame as you are motoring down the highway.

This is due to the adhesive that was used, or perhaps lack of enough adhesive to hold the window glass in place for the life of the vehicle. In a worst-case scenario, the window glass may fall out while moving and become a high-speed projectile. This is a very dangerous situation, and if you haven’t gotten a recall notice, get this taken care of ASAP!

Common Problems

Even though recall issues are usually mandated by a government institution, non-lethal problems also are reported by owners after using their RV’s. These are more annoying than anything else, but if not known or taken care of, they can cause concern or turn a happy camping or travelling adventure into an exasperating experience.

Hot Water

The flash water heater works well, but when set to the highest setting, people have reported that you’ll get periodic splashes of cold water as the heater struggles to heat the water. A remedy is to lower the temp slightly, so you don’t overwork the heater, thereby receiving a constant supply of comfortably warm water. In this way, you’ll avoid any chilling bouts of water flow.

Brand New

This seems to be a very common occurrence on brand new vehicles. Expect to find some carpet tacks, screws or finishing nails on the floor. A good vacuuming will take care of this, for the main part, but every once in a while you may still discover one of these in a corner, beneath a ledge or inside a cabinet.


Some of the blinds may not work correctly, are stiff to move up and down, or just refuse to work as well. These blinds are contracted through Thor, and if you have a warranty, they will be repaired or replaced at no charge. On used vehicles, they may have been replaced already with an aftermarket brand. If your blinds don’t all match on a used Gemini, you’ll know why.


Many complaints have been lodged about the drawers not working properly, or the front panel literally falling off. Again, with a warranty, they will be repaired or replaced at no charge, but on an older vehicle, you may have to do some DIY repair yourself.

Hinge and Hardware Screws New and Used

This one isn’t a big deal, but it has been mentioned several times. In particular, the hinge screws are already loose, or they loosen up as you drive. The same goes for hardware mounting screws as well.

It may not be something major, but it is one of those things reported by several owners. Sure, if you buy new it is covered by the warranty, but it would take far less time if you just took a small screwdriver and tightened up every one that you find. Loose screws are especially common on older or used vehicles.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before, no RV is perfect, and there are always going to be relatively minor issues with construction and appliances. That said, TMC is one of the most reputable and solidly built coach makers in the world.

Notwithstanding the fact that TMC gets their chassis from Ford Motor Company, Gemini coaches have a solid 4-star rating for livability and quality. So yes, you may find slight issues with build and build quality, but the reality is that this is one fine coach no matter how you judge it.

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