4 Common Alfa See Ta Problems – What To Do

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The Alfa See Ya brand of motorhomes was known for being some of the best RVs on the road. These spacious vehicles had plenty of room inside, allowing you to take along your entire family on a road trip and still have enough room for all their luggage and necessities.

The Alfa See Ya gave owners a smooth and stable ride, even on the bumpiest country backroads, along with the excess storage space. These motorhomes featured diesel engine variants which were ideal for those long cross-country trips.

While Alfa See Ya motorhomes have plenty of benefits to offer their owners, there are also some disadvantages to owning these RVs. This article will discuss the common issues that many owners have with these vehicles and how you can resolve them.

1. Issues with the Interior Design and Features

The Alfa See Ya motorhomes are well-known for their storage space, which can be a great benefit when you are travelling a long distance. Along with plenty of space for travel companions and their belongings, you also have multiple cabinets.

These can be useful for storing extra food and other essentials.

However, some Alfa See Ya owners have complained about the weak installation of the cabinet’s wooden frames. If the cabinets are not securely affixed to the walls of your motorhome, any little jolt or bump in the road could cause them to fall.

Furthermore, if you place too many items inside the cabinets, the contents could be too heavy, which could cause the cabinets to fall.

Not only are the wooden frames a problem, but many users have also stated that the backing of the drawers and cabinets installed in these motorhomes are extremely thin. That can cause them to become damaged very easily.

If you plan to use the storage cabinets inside your Alfa See Ya motorhome, you should use them with caution. Utilize the cabinets for storage of lighter items such as bags of chips or first aid items.

You can always store heavier canned food and other bulky food packages inside a box or crate placed on the floor. Also, to help ensure your cabinets last as long as possible, you should prevent them from coming in contact with water.

2. Problems with Seals Coming Off

One excellent benefit of the Alfa See Ya motorhomes is that they have a beautiful and spacious interior, making travelling in these RVs feel more like home. Unfortunately, the exterior of these motorhomes can become damaged very easily, causing their outward appearance not to be as impressive.

Several users have stated that the seals on the exterior of their motorhomes start to peel off whenever they take their vehicle to a cold climate.

That is not only a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous. If water dust or cold air can enter your vehicle from the roof of your motorhome, it will end up causing severe damage to the interior of your vehicle over time.

To prevent this issue from occurring, you will need to reseal the roof as well as the side of your RV. Begin by completely removing the old seal and clean the area using a scraper. After that, you can use a liquid solution or tape to attach the seals into place. It will take some time, but these new seals will become solid and will be in optimal condition for you to travel through any climate.

Just be sure that you purchase your seals from a reliable company that manufactures quality products. This helps to guarantee that you will not run into any problems with your seals coming off in the near future. If you are unsure about which sealing product you should use, search online for recommendations based on your vehicle’s make and model.

Another solution to repairing the exterior of your Alfa See Ya is to have a new paint job. If done by a professional, this will bring your motorhome back to its original pristine condition. Afterwards, you can apply a high-quality wax as an extra layer of protection against further damage.

3. Issues with Mileage

Another common issue that owners have with their Alfa See Ya motorhomes is the mileage problem. These motorhomes are huge and can burn a lot of fuel while on the road.

If you are the type of camper who enjoys long road trips, the tank on these vehicles may not be enough for your adventures. Obviously, you can always refill the tank, however, if you are headed to remote areas that are far away from civilization, it may be a while before you can get to a gas station.

One way to resolve this issue is to keep spare fuel stored on your vehicle so you can use it whenever you are stuck in those rural areas. Or you could also purchase a diesel-fueled Alfa See Ya motorhome instead if you are unhappy with the mileage but still love the style and other features of this camper.

These motorhomes are available in several different variants and some feature CAT’s diesel engines that will improve your mileage and allow you to travel to faraway areas without worrying about filling up so often.

4. They Are No Longer Being Manufactured

The biggest issue with Alfa See Ya motorhomes is the fact that they are no longer being manufactured. The See Ya was made by the company Alfa Leisure Corporation located in California. They were in business between the years 1973 and 2008 when they declared bankruptcy.

These motorhomes do have a lot of great features and were a unique product when they first became available. They included extras like basement air, high ceilings, and a roof air conditioner.

They also added a wall in the bedroom roof so a dome satellite would be situated lower for added convenience. Although you can no longer purchase a brand new Alfa See Ya, you can find used models for sale, typically at a very reasonable price.

These motorhomes were reasonably priced even when they were brand new, so if you are looking for a used RV to purchase and you are on a tight budget, the See Ya would be a great model to consider.

Most owners are happy with their Alfa See Ya motorhomes, and if they are well maintained over the years, purchasing a used one would be a great option. Just keep in mind that model-specific parts can be challenging to find. Fortunately, the Alfateers took over the Alfa Leisure parts warehouse when they shut down in 2008, and they still have parts available.

Alfa See Ya motorhomes are indeed cheaper vehicles, and therefore, you will get what you pay for. They are the ideal starter camper for those new to RVing or anyone who wants to purchase a camper on a budget.

Many users feel that the multiple features and additional interior space help make up for where these motorhomes are lacking. They feature beautiful oak furnishings, a comfortable ride, and more headroom than any coach currently available.

While some may not be satisfied with the smaller fuel tank and the issues with seals coming off the exterior, if you can look past these issues, you will be the owner of a reliable and spacious RV that will take you and your family on many road trips over the years.

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